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Established in 2011, Nestor Infoway has emerged as one of the fastest growing BPO and Information Technology Company in Rajkot, India. Nestor Infoway had a humble beginning and started its corporate journey by acquiring web & software development work at local level. The unique aspect of Nestor Infoway is that it was a ‘Zero Investment Startup’.

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Machine learning services and solutions

ML; unlatching techno business benefits

Nestor Infoway believes accelerated business growth has always been about innovation in functionalities such as customer experience, employee management, and others and with our advanced expertise in machine learning technologies, we enable businesses to make useful changes to bring better results for their companies.


Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning uses programmed algorithms that receive and analyse input data to predict output values within an acceptable range.


The biggest advantage of machine learning in the corporate sector is the ability to make automated decisions without taking risks in any manner. This is why the corporate sector is expecting $59.8 billion revenue with machine learning and AI by 2025. 


How does these Algorithms help your business grow?

On -time predictive maintenance

Proper maintenance of machinery and equipment is the prerequisite of efficient business operations. It not only increases the production output but also helps prevent downtime- and repair-related expenses. machine learning provides an opportunity to predict possible failures and take proactive measures.

Accurate Diagnostics

Machine learning can mitigate the problem not only by streamlining data analysis and processing larger amounts of information than humans, but also by the higher quality of the analysis. Smart algorithms rely on statistical data, which allows them to detect dependencies more accurately, thereby enabling the establishment of the correct diagnosis.

Customer Satisfaction

Companies can make proper product recommendations, instead of random advertisements that most frequently miss the mark. machine learning allows a company’s message to reach the goal and boost online sales. Moreover, selling to the target audience and its maintenance will come at a lower price than that for occasional customers.

Effective Financial Analytics

Smart algorithms that have access to historical data enable the development of precise financial rules and models. They can indicate whether a transaction has the potential to be fraudulent or not, which is essential for quantitative trading and portfolio management.

Streamlined Business Processes

Machine learning allows companies to reduce the time that is required for data collection and entry, as it can be performed in an automated manner. Moreover, process digitalization helps prevent misprints, errors in data and other errors that are usually due to the human factor.


Our expertise is to give you best output which would enhance your business growth as we possess the best team with people proficient in this field and having outmost knowledge about algorithms and its workings.

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